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Our mission is to reach out to these families and show them that there are far more people who care deeply about their loss and let them know they are not alone, they are not forgotten, and we care. By having several events each year, it allows us to support one another by bringing families together.  Tears of a Mother’s Cry serves these families in the following ways:

Mother’s Day event in May
Reunion in the park in July  
Annual picnic in September
Thanksgiving turkey giveaway in November
Christmas event in December 

Your support is greatly needed so that we can continue these efforts. By providing donations this advocacy will be able to enhance its movement to not only help mothers and their families, but by becoming a community-based organization helping any and all of those who have been affected by violence.

Board of Directors: 

  • President: Nicolee Ambrose
  • Vice President: Anthony McCarthy
  • Secretary: Tamu Davenport
  • Treasurer: Gary M. Collins