A Mother’s Cry was founded by Ms. Millie Brown in May 2009. It is a community advocacy and support organization for families who have been affected by violence. Her journey for A Mother’s Cry started here at Johns Hopkins Hospital in 2007. A writer from LA Times wrote an article August 21, 2007 on Baltimore’s crime… at that time he stumbled upon Ms. Millie Brown and asked her about her job and why she wanted to create A Mother’s Cry. She explained to the writer, that while working in the surgery department of Johns Hopkins Hospital she saw numerous deaths of young people, but what impacted her the most was seeing the pain and suffering from the mothers and their families which persuaded Ms. Millie Brown to begin A Mother’s Cry movement.

The Mission is an effort to reach out and show that there are many people that care deeply about the losses experienced by mother’s and families. The foundation would like to let the families know that they are not alone, and they are not forgotten. A Mother’s Cry has had several events since 2007 at Johns Hopkins Hospital at the Turner Concourse Auditorium to bring comfort and support to the Mother’s and families that have been victims of violence. The yearly events are given the day before Mother’s day and the 1st or 2nd Saturday before Christmas, A Christmas Gathering of Love. At these free events, the celebration provides guest speakers, music, gift giveaways, a celebration meal and especially moral support to the families. A Mother’s cry is currently working on having an emergency response team in place to come to the aids of the victim’s families. A Mother’s Cry Team will assist the families with funeral preparations, and provide support groups to help cope with their loss.

Your support is greatly needed to continue this effort.  By providing support, this advocacy will be able to enhance its movement not only to help mothers and their families, but by becoming a community based foundation to help any and all of those whom have been effected by violence.Please send your support for “A Mother’s  Cry” Foundation to: Ms. Millie Brown, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 624 N. Broadway/HH819, Baltimore, MD 21205.

Please view Ms. Millie Brown’s response to the multiple crimes in Baltimore: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PUTnqkhVsk